Friday, 18 March 2011

Bib bib! All aboard the Balotelli hate train

Bib gate? The vest is history?

Regardless of which terrible pun the tabloid press choose to go with, last nights Europa league tie between Manchester City and Dynamo Kiev saw a man unable to put on an item of clothing, which led another, older, uglier, more unfashionable and certainly less talented man/bee gee to split his sides in hysterics.
I am in no way debating the hilariousness of the incident, but this will probably set about a wave of journalists and fans alike to be calling for the head of super mario, which is possibly a tad harsh on this cheery little Italian lad.
Granted, if you were a football club chairman I wouldn't blame you for not falling over your chequebook in giddy excitement to splash out £24m on a player who is allergic to the very substance that football is played upon, has the temperament of a protesting student, and cannot operate a piece of clothing usually worn by scaffolders.
However, I think it's more important to look at a few other facts. Balotelli is still only a 20 year old man who has had a very challenging and tumultuous upbringing. As more educated men than me have already pointed out, human beings have human failings. Professional footballers are surely no different? The fact that Balotelli is also playing in a different country at such a young age can surely only makes things worse.
It would be difficult for anybody to question the talents of a man who made his inter debut at the age of 17 and has a scoring ratio just shy of a very respectable 1 in 2 at city. Despite this I think that we will not see the talents of this Travis Bickle styled maverick on our shores for too much longer

It's often said about footballers (usually by Paul Merson) that some players need need a kick up the backside, and some need an arm around the shoulder.....
In Mario's case, I sincerely feel that he and his talent desperately need the latter.


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