Monday, 21 March 2011

Goals, Moles and lols

As we approach the business end of the season, the most important day of the footballing calender is right around the corner. I am of course referring to April fools day!
A day that we can, as a nation, pull people's chairs from under them and shake up their fizzy drinks without being accused of being a total and utter bell end!
And the world of football is not immune to this type of skullduggery. Notable wind up's of recent years include The Sun announcing the unveiling of a predator headband to aid in swerving headers around the opposition, Manchester City worrying fans with news that their prize winning pitch had been invaded by moles, and Bristol Rovers showing of their new bright pink kit on their website (this one backfiring quite hilariously, as the response was so approving that rovers were forced to release the kit for real!)
But does this tomfoolery give a glimpse into a side of the modern day footballer that we rarely see.....
The ability to be human !
The modern day professional seems to be somewhat of an enigma. A dark and mysterious character who is only wheeled out post match to give the same old generic responses.
"oh yeah well I would have liked a goal but the three points is more important."
Generally today's players can be seen as quite a miserale and dislikeable lot.
A player you could well include in this category is Cristiano Ronaldo. Arguably one of the finest players in the world, but gives the impressions to fans that he is signing on the dole and scrapping through the bins for scraps of food rather than being a young millionaire playboy with the world at his feet. A man that I have always liked to describe as having a "very punchable face"
However, after seeing this clip, it makes you wonder if all you think that you know about the man is ill judged (probably not though)

And who can forget the classic quip from Peter Crouch. He was quizzed over what he would have been if he had not made it as a footballer. A stock answer? Not from Crouchy. " A virgin probably"
Now after hearing that, who wouldn't want to give the lanky bugger a big old hug?
In each others company, I can only imagine footballers to have a whale of a time (or as it is correctly described, a lovely bit of banter) so why not share some of this glee and merriment with us average Joe's so that we may no longer see you as a sulking little whatsname, but rather as someone we admire and can watch with a smile on our faces. That's surely what it's all about eh?
In the mean time, we can only wait with baited breath for the 1st of April to see what comedy gold is unveiled. I mean, what could we possibly be expecting?
Well keep it under your hat's, but I've heard on the grapevine that Arsenal will be announcing that they have re-signed Jens Lehman!
Oh the Larks !


wayne said...

liking the blog mate,very entertaining for us football exiles!!!! but please....the backgroung picture,what the.....

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